Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Here are the pictures through the kitchen remodel, there's kind of a lot.. and by that I mean there's most definitely a lot. Throughout this process I was only using my iphone for pics so the quality is extraordinary but for record-keeping purposes you still get the gist. 

The first part of demo- when we thought the extent of the kitchen redo was that we were just taking the counters off to replace. HA! jokes on us. The story is we intended on only replacing the counters when we moved in however after removing the counter tops the cabinets were rotted through. After swallowing the pill of realizing we'd need new cabinets and pulling them out, its was discovered the flooring also had rotted through. 5-year plan quickly condensed into a 5-month plan. Joys of homeownership! 

While disconnecting the drain they found whole utensils. Please note the oven placed directly next to the window, the broken counter over the dishwasher, 1950's cabinets and moldy linoleum. 6 layers of moldy linoleum at that.

Kitchen is demo'd, tile is installed. 18"x18" laid offset and loving it. Not loving anything else about the space.

Zach removed part of the soffet as well so we could have taller cabinets. He also ran electrical so we could have lighting over the sink. 

Cabinets are delivered! The take up residence in the living room for a while.

Cabinets are set into place!

Reagan and Zach run electrical and install lighting above theoretical kitchen sink.

Behemoth fridge is delivered. Stays in dining room for a month until cabinets are installed, then it's slid into position.

Then pulled back out after an "oops, forgot to plug it in first" moment.

I use the oven for the first time (Tombstone's of course!), this is in like February.

My father-in-law Chris installs our garbage disposal. Reagan asks him if he was mad at the person who cut his hair for cutting the spot in back too short =)

Reagan and Zach install pantry shelves.

Backsplash, backsplash, backsplash. Worth. Every. Minute.

Countertops + sink...

Aaaannd at 36 weeks pregnant we finally have a functioning kitchen!

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