Monday, June 3, 2013

Shep turns one!...again... and again


This guy... this guy is such a good and needed addition to our family. We are so happy to have him!

Let get this beast of a birthday post underway shall we?

If you recall we had Drew's graduation party a couple weeks ago. Since most of the family would be together for that, we decided to do the cake smash/birthday song thing then.

The day before his birthday Reagan helped me make Shep's banner with some water colors. It had to be ready and hung the night before so we could really enjoy his birthday alllll daaaay long. As one does.

He very much enjoyed rainbow pancakes, whip cream and fruit that morning.

That night the four of us devoured his cookie cake... after lighting the candle, blowing it out, relighting it, blowing it out... you know that old dance.

We had the gparents etc. over the day after his birthday for a cook-out, plus cake and ice cream.

If you're counting, we're now on the third cake I made him for his birthday. Don't worry, Zach fully reminded me how ridiculous I am.

Shep decided that his party would be the perfect time to take his first steps... show-off.

WHEW! Give yourself a pat on the back, you've made it through all these dang photos.


Anonymous said...

Shep's Papa Steve wants to see his first haircut!! What a great looking family! In the pics of Shep directly below the #1-shaped cookie cake, I see a lot of his Uncle Drew in those pics!

The Young's said...

Ashley!!! I so wish you were on FB, so you could be apart of our closed luvbug group. We miss you.

Obviously A LOT has happened between all of us. We had baby #4, who is truly a miracle, as he was born beating all odds. You are on baby you know what you're having yet?

Still think of you fondly! The girls miss you. Your boys are too dang cute and adorable. Plus, how is it possible that they are already done with KINDERGARTEN?!?!