Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kindergarten Music Concert

Me: "I'm so excited for your music concert tonight!"
Reagan: "You're going to be bored."

(Reagan is in the third row, second in from the left)

This kid and his fan club! We were really thankful for the people who came to see him. And check this out; a Glen inside of Glenn Elementary on Glenn Ave.

After taking this picture I heard someone come up and ask to take one more... "of her favorite 7th grade students" (her words, not mine!) Low and behold the accompanist for Reagan's concert was our 7th grade teacher at Parkside, Ms. Ryan. It was so crazy to show her these two awkward 12 year-olds in her class grew up/got married/had kids/are still awkward.

Taking pictures with your mom must be physically painful.

He did so good, Zach and I laughed the whole time. Reagan never smiled, barely moved his arms and was basically just embarrassed by the whole situation. Man we love him.

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Anonymous said...

Had an awesome time last night Ash and Drew. I don't think RAW was very interested, or smiled at all, but I do think he followed all the hand motions and body a T/perfection, just like his old man! Love Dad