Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This and That

Well, Spring took itself a little too seriously this year didn't it?

How weird is to say that Shep will be ONE next month. Super weird.

I heard Reagan call one of his friends 'dad' on accident while they were playing. How embarrassing!

Everyone around us is having girls. We have the big ultrasound coming up (still undecided on finding out or not) and while having a girl would blow my mind, I have never pictured us with anything but boys. Post on having boys coming soon.

Zach used my self tanner lotion on accident. Frustrated by his winter induced dry skin, he slathered it on nice and thick all over his hands, feet and stomach. Ohh it was bad, in the best possible way.

Things I know to be true:
-Generic cheese-its are better than brand name.
-When my fingernails are painted I feel like a lady.
-Bacon is a love language of mine.

I have a running list of things I want to do in life. Consider it a very attainable, low-expectation bucket list of sorts.
-learn to double dutch.
-hold a breakfast party
-go on a missions trip to a foreign country (then not talk about it because it would require me to process what I saw)
-take a dance class with Zach (if you know him you'd know he'd actually do this with me in a heartbeat)
-learn to cook scallops

  1. warm cocoon 2. out of the three of us, I kill it in Where's Waldo pre-bedtime 3. a bed fort naturally 4. brothers

1. donut lovah 2. hotel tripods 3. BathTime FaceTime 4. Friday night, pizza night

1. the sweetest 2. stairs present the ultimate jump challenge (stakes raise with each stair) 3. Dads are more fun 4. speed dating (aka church labeled) 

 BABIES! 1. we found ways to entertain ourselves awaiting baby sweitzer's arrival 2. including snooping in on a car accident 3. Nora Marie Sweitzer! 4. Baby girl Leake!

How is that for scatter-brained?

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Anonymous said...

YOU claim to be scatter brained? Not even close Ash--when you start forgetting conversations of less than 3 days ago, see your Dad :)