Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More Meiner/Shaffer Christmases

 This past weekend we had our last round of Christmas celebrations. Saturday my Dad and family came over for dinner and a few presents. Sunday we went out to Zach's aunt and uncle (Ken and Christen) to celebrate with the Shaffers.

This next series depicts Reagan's reaction to opening a "Free Willy" featurette and discovering there are two more sequels he didn't know about-- aren't we all so lucky? ;)

 A swiffer wet jet has been on my mind since we went to the lake last summer and I borrowed Grandma and Grandpa Meiner's. I know, I live so extravagant. 

 Food and family with the Shaffers out at Ken and Christen's beautiful house in Waynesville.

Paper > Presents to Shep

I guess since I'm caught up on everything else it means I have to tackle the Disney pictures? Yikes.

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Anonymous said...

Great, great post Ash -- definitely worth the wait. Can't wait for Disney part two to be released !! :-) Love, Dad