Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Disney World, part ONE

Sometimes Zach and I throw pity parties for Reagan and say things like poor child was born to such completely unprepared parents... his baby and toddler years were spent at college with his mother and father... does he/did he deserve more than we could give him? I will always remember Zach turning to me on this trip and calling for us to stop that nonsense because we looked around and saw him surrounded by so. much. love. So many people gathered to make this iconic childhood dream come true. Family who were there and made the trip possible and family who weren't there but SO excited to just be able to hear how much fun he was having. His life is so rich, he is one of the luckiest kids ever.

Alright, enough of that... on with the pictures! Let's start with the surprise/getting there.

Here's how the surprise went down. Zach was out of town on business the whole we before. He called Reagan Friday night and said he wasn't going to be able to make it home that weekend. Reagan was bummed. Reagan went to play at the neighbors house (Hinkle's) that night so I could do some incognito packing. Zach got home around 10pm and took the bags over to his parents to load in the motorhome. To Reagan's surprise, Zach woke him up Saturday morning. Then we brought him downstairs and said we were letting him get one present early. My mom had a friend that went to Disney early in December and had her bring back the two Mickey ears with the boys named embroidered, I loved how they turned out!

 The next surprise was telling him we were leaving right then. When he walked outside he saw Zach's parents and sister and their motorhome. Oh boy, he was pumped! 

We made Shep a makeshift crib on one of the beds in the back, he napped surprisingly well.

Reagan's favorite part was manning the captain's chair of course!

Finally pulling into Fort Wilderness...

 After arriving in Florida, who shows up but my mom, brother and Grandma and Grandpa Shadoan! (unfortunately no pictures of this, it was dark outside by that point)

Chris and Kristi stayed at the Fort Wilderness Campground in Disney. We also had a condo at Orange Lake right outside Disney. When Drew and I were little, both of our grandparents and parents took us to Disney and we stayed at Fort Wilderness too. It is so stinkin' cute and no detail there goes unnoticed. That night we settled into our rooms and tried to prep ourselves for an early morning that next day... Magic Kingdom!

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