Friday, November 9, 2012

Hospital pictures

I just came across these pictures that Bromenn sent me after Shepherd was born. I gave birth to him right before they opened this absolutely beautiful, state-of-the-art, new birthing center. They hadn't taken any promo photos with a family in the newly finished wing so they asked us to do it. To say it was slightly depressing going into that gorgeous space after slumming it in the old section, would be an understatement. The rooms are seriously the same size as our first apartment was. Couch that pulls out into a full seize bed, flat screen tv mounted on the wall, oodles (yes, oodles) of counter and seating space. Best part is that you give birth and stay in the same room! No awkward/painful transfer an hour after pushing a mini human out of you!

I'm including this other advertisement because it was on a billboard a little after Shep was born. Zach called me, with excitement in his voice, proclaiming he saw Shepherd's billboard! I made an effort later that day to drive by and about died realizing that my husband couldn't recognize his own child.

So in review, that is a cute child. But it is not Shepherd.


Anonymous said...

You should be a writer! You crack me up!! Beautiful pictures too! Love ya! A.Debbie

PKYoung said...

Those rooms are super fancy! That would be depressing to see that after, oh well...guess you just have a reason to have a third child! That's hilarious that Zach thought the baby was yours! Were you supposed to have a billboard or did he just think it was him b/c of the other pictures you guys took? Too funny!