Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Happenings

The Sunday evening before Halloween we went trunk or treating at Calvary UMC with my mom (which is where Reagan went to preschool and she's a member there.) Focus on those cute kids and ignore my disheveled-ness in these. 

(I'm obsessed with those booties Shepherd is wearing. My aunt B brought them back from Ireland for him and they are wool and SOO warm!)

Reagan wore that costume his first halloween...

 The day of H-ween, I had to wake this sleeping guy up to go to Reagan's school parade. Shep rocked this comfy halloween sleeper for most of his first Halloween.

That night Sofie came with us trick or treating! Zach & Shep stayed back at the house though.

It was so fun to have an "our street" to go trick-or-treating on! We've never had that before, usually we're hijacking family member's neighborhoods because we would have been living at the college. Reagan then met up with some of our neighborhood friends and went door to door with them. So fun!

At the end of the night with their loot =)

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