Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kindergarten festivities

We have a big ol' kindergartener on our hands now.

The night before we had our back-to-school dinner, with our theme being "listen and obey." Idea from here. He helped me decorate that afternoon, of course choosing blue since it is his favorite color. He really likes to help me cook so we made a dinner of some of his favorites, together. Then during dinner Zach read a few things that supported our "theme." Did it sink in? Probably not. But I think it'll be a good tradition to start that will eventually mean a lot. 

Reagan was up bright and early the next morning, mostly just excited for breakfast because I told him I had sausage for him. Such. a. carnivore. The words "why did God make steak so good," have come out of his mouth before. Unrelated side note- Zach and I have had a longstanding debate, when you say herbivore do you pronounce the 'h' or do you say it like you would say "I sniped this basil from my herb garden." ??

It was a really hard decision for me to have him ride the bus and I think it was mostly for selfish reasons. It's something he really looks forward to now and because he's so independent I guessed it was something I could give up. Plus, the bus stop for our neighborhood is literally our front yard. Talk about curbside service. 

Shep and I met him at the school where we helped put his supplies away and checked out the classroom. It was loud and chaotic, kids were crying, parents were tripping over all of this dwarf sized furniture and Reagan was like "see ya mom, don't let the door hit you on the way out!" I never got sad when I was with him because I could see so easily how ready he was. But once he was gone, my stomach was in knots the entire time. Isn't it funny how a five year old can be so affirming? I think we got this mixed up somehow.

He had a great day, said one kid already got in trouble but was pret-ty proud it wasn't him. 

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