Friday, August 31, 2012

One tooth down

Whelp, Reagan has lost his first tooth! He came home from school the night before last and proclaimed, "I have a LOOSE TOOTH!" to the world (well... me and Gma Darlene, who happened to be over.)  

The next morning Zach and I awoke to a tooth in our faces and as I was finishing saying "be careful, it'll be hard to find if you drop it..." it vanished! Imagine that! Then we all scoured the floor in our pajamas. Rest assured, it was found. But it's a tiny little sucker.

 And I quote "So I woke up and my tongue felt something funny. So I said to myself, 'oh yeah I have a loose tooth.' Then I's touched it with my fingers and pulled it right out!"

Shepherd, how'd you get in here!

 The next two pictures show Reagan smiling when it was loose and after it was lost. I included them because, since he rocks such a good overbite, you can't really even tell a difference.

Him loosing his first tooth was much weirder/sadder to me then him starting school, I can't explain, but I may have actually shed a tear.

Oh and the tooth fairy did not make a visit. I don't know if I've mentioned it before but Reagan gets very attached to inanimate objects. He hoards sticks, rocks, broken rubber bands, the leftover paper that stickers come off of... it really is a problem. Anyway, he refused to put the tooth under his pillow and is insisting on "keeping it forever."

Unrelated note...
Reagan's two sayings that are on repeat:
"Tell me about it."
"So I said to myself..."

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!! Way to go Reagan!! I love you and your thinking! And I really love watching your mommy and daddy raise you!! Good job Williams family!!
Aunt Debbie