Tuesday, July 10, 2012

that time one of my favorite people came to visit

Half of one of our favorite couples came to visit last weekend. It was due time we see each other again. This time when Sam left I did much better than when they moved back to Washington and left us all alone in Chicago 2 years ago... and I sobbed for like a week #youthinki'mjokingbutit'strue.

Also I love this picture from when Shepherd was born not to share it here. Always raising the Skyping bar, this time doing it post-nataly.

Anywho... I didn't get much pictures from last weekend (like none with her and our kids??) but Zach snapped a small photo shoot for us one evening before dinner. 

Side note- these hats that she brought down from her eye detective convention have been a huge hit. Like Zach and Reagan playing water gun mobsters in the yard with them on hit.

Not sure why I chose the ugliest part of our house to take pictures in front of. 

 Just being sweaty and disgusting, no big deal.

Limbering up... wait for it...


Besides the two above, photo credit for the ones below go to Sam as well...

I'm not going to wrap this up by getting sappy and saying how much we value the Hamblet's friendship or how much we miss eating junk together, figuring out how to raise our kids and laughing at with each other.

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Samham said...

Ok, three things.
1. Eye detective?
2. I love that I commented on your cute jeans when I was visiting and they were my old ones....love even more that they are being used as your post-natal transitional sized jeans. Cough.
3. Did you blur your boobs?