Monday, March 26, 2012

Pawley's Recap 2012

We went to visit my grandparents the week before last in glorious South Carolina. Drew had the week off of school for spring break and my mom took off work, so Reagan and I tagged along and made a trip of it. I feel bad for him, Zach has always been playing baseball or working and has never got to come with. I don't think he's ever been to down to the condo when it's been warm which sucks, especially this time because the weather could have not been ANY better, it was awesome.

They picked us up in Greenville late Friday night but Grandma already had pecan pie and white-trash waiting for us back at the house. Saturday the boys played golf at Pebblecreek (Reagan got a mini lesson from Grandma) and we celebrated their 50th ANNIVERSARY with Barry and Marie before the rest of us headed down to the beach. Their actual anniversary is June 10th but we aren't going to have a chance before then to celebrate with Barry. Fresh Market's tiramasu truffle was involved.

Sunday morning we arose bright and early to get down to Pawley's Island in time for them to watch the Kentucky game. Reagan and I checked out the beach right away.

Were you wondering what Reagan's pissed off morning face was?
Well now you know!

Reagan mid-fall...

Until Thursday we either went to the beach, shopped, ate or played golf (that would be Grandpa and Drew.)

Zach's dad used to be a builder so I made sure to send him a picture of, not Reagan's sand castle, but his sand development. The complex includes such amenities as a community pool. 

50 years ago these two took their honeymoon to Pawley's Island/Myrtle Beach. One of the places they visited was Brookgreen Gardens. Honestly we didn't actual go in, but we did drive by and take a picture in front of it. 

Wouldn't be a beach trip without his green tea.
Water and sand are the best babysitters. 


Sarah'sSmile said...

You should have gone into Brookgreen. It's AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome blog update! Love all the pictures and your artistic talents! Love, A.Debbie