Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today Reagan had kindergarten registration! We visited the school and he got to meet the teachers/peek at the classroom. He'll go to the smallest school in the district (it was really cute) and as of right now there'll be just one kindergarten class but potentially there will be two. It's full day. Eek- it's already making me nauseous just thinking about it.

Rat tail stay or go?

other exciting things...

It's grilling season. I LOVE grilling season.

I got a new camera... finally! Mine got stolen last summer... from my purse, in the driveway, out of the front seat, of my unlocked car. Absolutely my fault, so I've been sucking it up with iphone pics since. I hate researching so I just told Zach what I wanted (to take a nice picture without having to try hard) and he did the hard work. Big thanks go out to the friends/fam resources he tapped for info.

We split a cow with the Leake's. I'm unashamedly excited about our beef supply for the next year.

I got to go to the Hearts at Home conference last weekend... guess who were the key note speakers??

(sorry for the poor phone quality) 
Here's what I took from my "celebrity" experience: Jim Bob is a pretty big guy and Michelle is very petite. They are really funny! I kinda want to be bffs with them and suck in all their sweetness. 

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