Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A post that drags on about nothing really

I saw these yesterday driving through the mall, they were amazing up close!

One night a while ago, our electricity went off while Reagan was taking a bath. Thankfully my flashlight app saved the day and lead to a really creepy looking bath experience.

More about apps; that night the electricity was off forever and so I demanded people to play me in my favorite app "words with friends for free," basically scrabble. I'm so glad Katie introduced me to this in class, such a productive use of our time!

Anyway, I really love beating my Mom. And Katie. =)

I'm all about pinching a penny but I've come to the conclusion through experience, that sometimes it's worth it to choose quality. I've compiled a list of things you should splurge on and things you can fake it with.

  • Saran wrap
  • French Onion Dip (Lay's in particular)

Fake it with:
  • store brand milk (I came in contact with a fellow shopper at the grocery store who said she grew up on a dairy farm and they filled up the Dean's jugs right next to the generic jugs. And since we go through about 2 gallons a week I appreciated this tip)
  • some pops (a certain Dr. Perky is darn near close to Dr. Pepper)

I've also made a list of things I excel at...

  • I'm good at dropping food on the bottom of the oven

  • And I'm good at spilling the communion cup on myself in church
  • Reagan is really good at touching his tongue to his nose

And in true V-day fashion, I've compiled a list of things that I like about Zach and I's relationship.

-The other night we entertained ourselves before bed by timing each other to see how long we could hold our breath.

-I fondly remember an evening where Zach was awayon a baseball trip and I admitted to him that I was bored and had watched all of Reagan's birth video that night. He reassured me that instead of going out to dinner with the team, he had stayed back to finish a puzzle.

-Recently I had Zach read aloud a text to me and he finished with "lots of laughs." It took me a minute but then I asked him if he just read "LOL" aloud to me. Then I asked him if he thought LOL stood for lots of laughs? He did. It was a month ago and I'm still "laughing out loud" as I type this.

-And a quote I hear quite often from him: "Stop purposefully itching my back bad so I'll tell you that you don't have to do it anymore."

Picture to the left circa 2005? Picture to the right circa 2011 (courtesy of Reagan)


MeL said...

Lots of laughs is positively killing me. You guys are pretty much my favorite couple ever, and I wish you lived closer so we could be best friends, because my husband really needs another guy to love hip hop with! :)

Also, I've been a little behind on blogging and just caught up on the past couple months, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss and wish there was something more that I could say than just sorry. You are truly a warrior, and someone I am completely inspired by.

emily said...

i LOVED this post!! just saying..

Jennifer said...

Haha. That is one creepy looking bath time. Oh, and I am really good at dropping dinner and spilling things on myself too....though it is not always communion juice.