Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday happenings and other fun things

First of all, we have a four year old now and even though he seemed four anyway, it's still hard to say aloud!

Secondly, the last week has been busy. Luckily I did a fair job of documenting it!

Last weekend was the Christmas party for one of the hospitals that I rotate through (because its normal to have it in February.) I assure you we all had our men with us, they just don't appear in any of the pictures.

My size twin Katie & I

Me, Casey & Katie

Me, Katie, Beth & Casey

My mom & max graciously came up to celebrate a little early birthday for Reagan and do a little babysitting for us too.

The Hambo's were in Chi-town last weekend so we got to hang out with them a few times. We miss them but what's new. I still can't get over Locy being a little girl and not a baby.

Monday was Reagan's birthday and he had school so I brought in treats. I let him pick whatever he wanted. We went to the bakery and checked out cupcakes, sugar cookies, and brownies, then I took him to look at maybe ice cream sandwiches.... and what do you know, he insisted on chips and french onion dip! So I made these little super Reagan bags with chips, dip and flavored water boxes and they were a hit. I kept wanting to add more things to the bags but Zach kept reminding me that Reagan wasn't a girl.

Zach had Monday and Tuesday off so we drove down to visit Tony at his new house in Quincy. Tony got a new job down there around the first of the year and we haven't been down to see him yet. I know Zach was missing him just a smudge. I don't think Tony has missed a birthday of Reagan's yet, so they figured it was only fitting that we spent it in Quincy? (Side note, I was telling someone the other day that the list of people who can pick Reagan up from school is really odd since we don't have family close by. For a while it consisted of baseball coaches and their wives, aka Reid & Sam... and a random-no relation college student, aka Tony.) Anyway he made us a nice caesar salad and a darn good birthday cake!

On our way back home, we stopped in Blo-No for lunch with the grandparents and Sofie. And I even agreed to meet at Chuck E. Cheese. Because I'm weird, I've never let Reagan go before.... however, I'm sure you'll all be glad to know we survived. =)


Sarah'sSmile said...

Not weird to not love CEC! We've been twice with Wade's bestie. Doubt we will ever go alone. I always tell him it is closed. bad mommy! :)

SAM said...

Thank you for finally allowing him to experience scary Chucky, my slightly germaphob daugher :) I loved it, and not just because i beat Zach in Hammerhead - haha!

had so much fun with Reagan Saturday night -- he can eat more popcorn at the movie theater than most adults!

and getting to see the Hambo's was a bonus! woohoo!