Thursday, January 20, 2011


Started my last semester this week! Before we went back to school here's a few things we were up to:

We organized our nasty storage unit in the basement? Our unit looked like it had vomited on all the other units.


I know it doesn't look like much but Zach and I could not stop praising ourselves and giving each other butt slaps high fives.

Okay, we have been doing a few more exciting things...

For instance, we basically visited the set of Twilight.
It was magical and rainy, just as I dreamed.

This is going to be an understatement but Olympia, WA is absolutely gorgeous. And beware, the trees and mountains of Washington, literally kick a$$ and take names.

I was horrible at taking pictures but interestingly, I got the most pictures at a place called Dirty Dave's Gay 90s.

Me, Reagan, Reid, Locy, Sam, and Reid's mom Karen (Zach had to stay back home and work... wah-wah)

We really missed them. Like, whoa.

Reid was only on drugs for a little bit of the time we were there.

Reagan and I had incredibly gracious hosts... and in all seriousness we love them so much and are truly thankful for their friendships.

Also over break, I hemmed the baseball pants again this year... and while I had the sewing machine out I made a few of Reagan's pants into shorts. He has this awfully boyish habit of tearing holes into his knees. I wanted the jeans to fray a little bit so I didn't hem them like I did the cords, I just surged the ends a little to keep them from fraying too too much.

I also made ice in our ice cube trays. This is monumental... Since we both hate this task, it only gets done about once a month. Therefore we have ice about 5 days out of the month. Your welcome to our home any time for a glass of lukewarm lemonade.

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