Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New pillows

I hate getting my sewing machine out and putting it away and then getting it back out again, so while I had it out to do some the projects I finally got around to sewing some pillows for our couches. I want to show these pictures to Grandma Shadoan and my mom because they both helped me with the first one, and thus get the ball moving on the rest, over Christmas.

We bought the couches (there's a love seat and arm chair in addition to this sofa) when we got married and so if my calculations are correct, Zach has had to listen to me gripe about these awful pillows for about 4 years now. I couldn't stand them but was always too lazy to recover them.

For Christmas my mom got me a few pillows, that I might have suggested, and then she and Grandma helped me pick out fabric and get started. I'm glad I had them to get my butt moving because I really love how they turned out and wished I would have done it sooner. Plus my Grandma is like a fountain of knowledge when it comes to sewing so I'll always take a chance to learn more from her.
(I put an arrow to the three that were bought, all conveniently from TJ Maxxxxx)

This one turned out to be my favorite but I hate the amount of time and tedious work it took to complete.

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emily said... I love the lamp! Did you make it?