Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallow's Eve

I know I got this post up pretty fast but at exactly 6:43 pm I had already received this text from Drew "We want pictures of Reagan!!"

This year Reagan was a cowboy for Halloween and his costume was majorly inspired by these two pictures of Zach:

Chris and Kristi kept the shirt to the left and we found the rest.

pretty soon he was over pictures and literally ran away from me (but what's new?)

Thursday was his party/parade at school. Zach and I were both able to go and were in total heaven watching him interact with all his friends, its seriously like a sitcom with no commercial breaks. And unfortunately for his future high school teachers we let Reagan know how hilarious we think he is... talk about ego feeding. Shall I mention how many times I've been pulled aside by the school's director and her assistant letting me know how hard it is to discipline him without cracking thanks to his comebacks and snide remarks? (because of course he's already been sent to her office on numerous occasions. And has been known to sometimes ask to just go and hang out with her? Weird.)

Our sweet sweet angel =)

True story: most of the parade was spent macking on the ladies. Scariest part of Halloween for Zach and I!

The man behind me in both of these pictures is an assistant in one of the classrooms. This genuinely perplexes Zach.

They wrapped the parade up with a little party that included snacks, pin the nose on the pumpkin and a little gourde painting.

Between carving the pumpkin, doing carmel apples this week (i'd post pictures but Reagan is in his skivvies and the way he's posed in a lot of them unfortunately don't leave a whole lot to the imagination,) the whole school parade/party extravaganza and making other festive halloween treats... it totally felt like Halloween was over by the time Sunday got here. We were lazy parents and didn't do the trick-or-treating thing this year and it actually worked out awesome because Zach had to work tonight and so Reagan and I just got to chill out, sip some apple cider, watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and make "mummy hotdogs."

Have I never posted child pictures of Zach on here? Just do this; post date every picture of Reagan by 20 years and slap Zach's name on it. That's what he looked like =)

I'm posting this one in addition just because it is very "Reagan."


SAM said...

Thank you for quickly fulfilling our need for pictures of R and Halloween. Drew and I (and some friends) were handing out candy tonight and seeing all the cute kids come by in costume. Made us miss you guys even more! Missed you all this year. Brought the firepit around front and christened the party garage!!

P.S. a little worried that my grandson is a pre-playa!

Sambo said...

Um you're shoes are so saucy, me likey.
I love your son, Locy misses him a lot. We miss you all.
Is Zach pointing hishoseat the camera? Hmmmm.