Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pics of this and that plus "My Quotable Kid"

The hand dryer in public restrooms is always a hit...

What do you do when it is rainy and you need to get laundry done? Utilize the building's unfinished basement aka laundry room aka storage facility... "borrow" a few cones from another tenant's storage area... and make an awesome bike course for your three year old. Double whammy- do laundry in peace!

After dentist check-up (no cavities!) :: Quality time with Mr. Bubble

Reagan's always asking me to "do him a favor" or when he wants to bargain with me about something he goes "fine, here's the deal..."

Now that I'm on the subject here are some funny quotes I recently wrote down thanks to this book a kind friend gifted me with.

While I was in the shower today
"Mom, I'm coming in, I need to pee. What are you doing?"
Taking a shower.
"Okay, well your glasses will still be here."
...and they definitely weren't when I got out

After giving him a glass of milk
"Thanks, I owe ya"

"Can I show you something awesome? I mean, its' very awesome."

cracks me up when he uses adult words so nonchalantly like "actually, delicious, fragile, that's interesting..."

while in the bathtub
"mom, what's up with these balls in this sack?"
that would be your ballsack.

"Jesus is the king of juice!"
aka King of the Jews

hits his knee on the footstool while walking away from me
"Ugh! Who put that there?!"


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

He is simply adorable :)

Sambo said...

I think I gifted you the Mr Bubble too didn't I (along with a crap load of frozen peaches and ridicuouly amounts of hangers, that I still covet) ? :)) Miss you all.

The Young's said...

He's too cute!!! still don't have FB, do you? Come on the board and give us an update! :)

Oh, and one more thing...can I have your email address? I wanna add you to read my blog, now that its private. I sent an invite awhile back, but I'm not sure if I had the right email. You can message me at foreveryoungfamily at gmail . com