Monday, August 2, 2010

weekend update

This was kind of a crazy jam packed weekend! So let's review.

Zach was able to come home Thursday and Friday and so we went down to Blo-No.

We spent lots of time at the pool next door...

Reagan survived a "shark attack"

This weekend was also dance camp... remember a few years ago when I coached Parkside Jr. High's team, well my soul mate Whitney took over when we moved away. I am SO happy that the timing fell just right so that I could tag along a little and get in some good quality Whitney time.
I wish we lived closer so that we could coach together!!

One time Reagan insisted we bungee tie his radio to this trike...

Drew's birthday was Sunday but since Z had to leave we celebrated late Friday night (that's why there is a missing Reagan.)

Drew also got a motorcycle recently and this was the first time we got to see it in person. So of course we had to pose on it like tourists.

Sunday was Drew's birthday and to his delight also the day he needed to clean/pack/move out of his apartment. We went to Champaign to help him out but it ended up being us 3 playing in the complex's pool and mom cleaning the kitchen.

The balcony on the third floor in the upmost right hand corner was his old place.

And him in his new place....

Birthday feasting for Karlee and Drewseph

Reagan unamused by pictures

Then again back to the dirrrrty college apartment for some clean up time with a little cake time squeezed in between. (I must have also though make up was optional judging by this picture)
Blowing out those fake flames because we are super fire-conscious.... or we just couldn't find a lighter.
Drew is FINALLY 20 years old! This whole year for some reason, it never sunk in every time we would realize he was still 19.

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