Friday, July 30, 2010

Pictures of summer so far

@ Emack & Bolios for some ice cream after the Discovery Museum

Had a garage sale, loved our caboodle money box

Tailgated (?) for Eclipse with the Meiner girls. Debbie said to really get the effect we needed to watch a movie about vampires in the wilderness (of Gibson City- Harvest Moon drive in) I got really poor pictures from the night but Emily has an awesome recap on her blog. I loved the part where we showed up at 6 (for a 9 o'clock start time because we are cool like that) set up our table, got drinks/snacks out, and began a game of SEQUENCE.... then we hear the start of car engines and realize the line is moving IN. I'm not sure what was more embarrassing: frantically throwing everything in our cars or the way we proudly set everything up in the first place thinking we were the coolest/smartest people in Gibson City.
(above) setting up camp between our cars before haphazardly throwing it back into our trunks

(below) waiting for the sun to go down and the vampires to come up

ok now go over to Emily's blog because her recap adequately portrays the evening plus there's even some super realistic, biting reenactments. Ohmygoodness I love my cousins, they make me laugh so hard. Emily even "asked for Twizzlers!" lol

Drew & Grandpa before a rousing game of golf

Had a standard mother-daughter double date with Mitzi & Stephanie one weekend that we were back home. Mitzi witnessed a pretty common knock-down drag out fight between Reagan and I. She took pity on me and showed me some techniques she uses on her out of control kindergartners.

We met up with some of my friends from school and their significant others to go the water park! Some of the gang....
Reagan and I took an ice cream break. But more importantly, check out the non-member of our group working it out behind us to the left.

Reagan enjoyed holding Katie's hand and leading her everywhere: "come on, friend" He's going to have to cool his advances down a little because Katie just got ENGAGED!!!

Now we FINALLY have our 3 week summer break until the fall semester begins!

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