Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pawleys Island

Picture overload from the beach...

Definite fan of the water...
Not a fan of it's taste. The funny thing is he kept forgetting that it tasted bad and would try to wash the bad taste out of his mouth with more saltwater. It was a sad but hilarious cycle to watch.

Ashley and her brother Andrew :: Drew & Grandma

Did you know that while in the ocean you make the most enchanting faces?

Reagan's favorite was definitely floating with the motion of the ocean

He participated in making a sand castle one time. I feel like I really represented Zach well through this activity in particular. I would imagine him becoming overly involved in the design and construction of the castle and pretty much doing it all himself. And that's a pretty accurate description of what really happened.

We rented bicycles for a few days and it was the best decision ever! They were so much fun, we used them a bunch and literally everyone took turns riding them. We told Reagan his trailer was like a 5th wheel motor home and he was all over it after that. I'm bummed we didn't get any pictures of my mom or grandma on them. We had good morning rides around the condo too!

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