Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's up with that

Oooooo Eeeeeee

What is up with Zach sending me this really disproportionate picture along with the following captain:

!!!!. Doug Flutie just let me finish his Gatorade! I love you.


What is up with moms texting everywhere I go! Library, park, school, pool. It really, really angers me. Cool it and get off your freakin' phone! Enjoy this moment with your child!


At first when I got this I was like, what 13 year old accidentally texted me but then I realized it was my mom:

I really. really really like the Kia Soil hamster commercial! It makes me giggle every time i c it!!!

Her explanation was even more ridiculous:

Its a car commercial w/ people dressed up n human-sized hamster costumes pretending they r rappin. Hilarious!!

I'm shamed to admit I did look it up. I can't believe the person who came up with this storyboard was rewarded with a paycheck for being on crack!


I used to always say my favorite color was black but now I think I would respond with navy. In conjunction with my love for talk radio and any history channel special, this makes me the world's most boring person. While R slept, I listened to a NPR special on mutism for 2 hours on the drive home a couple weeks ago. That's right, a radio show interviewing a person who can. not. talk. Ridiculous! What is up with that? I was ashamed until I remembered that I am actually 54 years old.


What is up with society telling us it's important to be dedicated to your friendships and career but never to your marriage. Or how about that there isn't such a thing as a happy wife? Or a mom who likes being a mom and feels the most powerful when she is a 24/7 mom. Whoa, got deep on you there didn't I? Not cool, society.

Since I do in fact like my husband, I'll mention a few things that can be annoying about him:

1. Sits in the car foreverrrrr before getting out. Many times I reach across and take out the keys so the heat suffocates him and he is forced to get out.

2. Paces when he talks on the phone. Sometimes he's worked his way out of the house and down the street before he even realizes it. If it is winter though he'll do laps around our kitchen table.

3. Has a very weak stomach. If he eats too much, he gets sick. If he hasn't eaten in short enough increments, he gets sick. Fair rides= sickness. Too many sweets = sickness. Nervous or angry about something = sick to his stomach. Can't eat in the car, read in the car or better yet; be a passenger in a car because it makes him sick. (In all reality I do kind of love this one because I never ever have to drive, even on long trips. So in some ways, this is his best quality.)


Sarah'sSmile said...

I thought of you today as I drove past the ball field in Springfield. How are you all? We should catch up! What is Z doing this summer? or should I say, where is he this summer?

Anonymous said...

Ohnoooo. In only 2 years I'm going to be listening to talk radio on mutism...NOT!!!Even I'm not that OLD at heart! Love ya! Aunt Debbie

Sheila said...

13 year old? why thank you! This momma loves being confused for a more youthful person -- almost as good as getting carded!

And yes, i laughed again when i re-watced the commercial. My favorite is either the 2 in the tutu's....or the 2 riding in the toaster. Reminds me of the story about a friend of mine moving into a new construction house and having a mouse "pop" out of a toaster one morning.....but i digress......

The Young's said...

Ashley....where are you? You don't have FB anymore?! Boo!!!!