Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Junction of 39 S. and Rt. 72

Chris, Kristi, Luba & Sofie are heading up to Mayo this week. It worked out perfectly for us to meet them around Rockford while they were on their way up! Where we met in the middle ended up being at this little mom and pop restaurant connected to a gas station. Literally the only living life off of this exit. We ate and chatted until they needed to get back on the road (they still had about 5 more hours to go from where we met.)

Love those girls!!

Many know, especially if you own a van or have at one point (my mom), that Reagan is obsessed with vans. He is enamored with their size and maybe variety of activities to do inside? I guess it can remain a fun novelty for him because Zach has sworn we won't be buying any in our lifetime. Anyway, Chris and Kristi just bought this new one for traveling and let him play(?) in theirs for a while before we had to make our split.

So just keep that Sof in your prayers. The next few days should be pretty eventful/informational/praise-worthy. Info here. I'll try to update with what I know =)

*****UPDATE: Chris let me know that all of the appointments went really well! They were beyond pleased with the amount of time and care the doctors and specialists took with Sofie. She is scheduled to be back up there the 28th for surgery. *****

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