Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sea to Shining Sea

My mom suggested that we go downtown for the 4th of July and watch the Sea to Shinning Sea riders. They are a cycling group of disabled veterans who are riding from the west coast to the east coast. How neat that they stopped in Blo-No over the 4th! State Farm is a big sponsor so I'm sure that might have had something to do with it.

Kids could decorate their bikes and ride a lap with the cyclists. Reagan was all for that so we decorated his bike the day before. I really wish the sun would have come out for this picture...

The parade was beyond cool! It was so neat to see the men and women riding by while everyone was waving flags/shouting/clapping. I'm so glad we got to be there for it!

Ceremony at the old courthouse, unfortunately it got cut short unexpectedly thanks to a whole lot of rain.

Fun stuff!

p.s. here's their link Sea to Shining Sea

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