Sunday, January 31, 2010

pre-birthday celebration

Next weekend is Reagan's birthday and he'll be turning 3. America is celebrating by hosting a little party called the "Super Bowl" and Zach's parents are celebrating by leaving us all in central Illinois and fleeing to Mexico (Cancun). Because they can't be with us on his birthday, Chris, Kristi, and Sofie came up yesterday for a little fun!

A soccer ball and net were the perfect gifts for this always-active little boy! Thanks guys!

When we first opened the box for the goal, it wasn't put together and so it appeared to be just tubing. Zach jokingly yelled "Reagan, you got tubing!!" Of course this made Reagan super excited and so for a good amount of time he only wanted to play with the pieces and yell "I got tubing!!"

For dinner, I made some white chicken/spinach lasanga that turned out pretty well for the first try and Kristi brought a yummy chocolate cake.
Sort of looks like he's candle smoking... Remember when you were little and used to fake-smoke pretzel sticks? Good times. For the record, I've never smoked a cigarette in all of my existence, however on our honeymoon I did try a cigar.... but Zach totally peer pressured me. He was all "c'mon babe, everybody's doin' it" as I was engulfed in a cloud of smoke and the song "rolling with my homies" filled my ears. Then my best friend Dion got in a fight with her boyfriend and Elton left me at a gas station where I got robbed. (story = false. We were alone, sucking in fresh air on our balcony overlooking the very peaceful ocean.)

Luba was on a ski trip with Eastview so she couldn't come, we missed her but I'm sure she was having lots of fun!

Reagan really liked the cake ;)

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benilhalk said...

Hey!! Such a cute birthday boy. Enjoyed going through these birthday party pics. It reminded me of my nephew’s birthday that was arranged at one of LA event venues. Her mom really did a great work by arranging everything best there.