Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Birds win

My parents are ISU alums and represent by having bball season tickets... we like to mooch said tickets. Over break all of us got to go to a game:

Oh yeah my brother is apparently homeless now... but Zach thinks he "looks like a model" when he does the hair flip- yes I used quotes but those words exited his mouth in that exact order.


Girls + boy

Reagan was obsessed with Reggie the Redbird, he had to be in his eye sight at. all. times. My mom got him a little Reggie and that turned out to be a big hit! By the end of the night the bird had ketchup in his eye and mustard on his wing... and fyi, no one had mustard that night.

Turns out, meeting Reggie up close isn't as much fun as this little boy thought it would be!

How cute is that jersey my parents got him?

Thanksgiving pictures to come when I charge my camera.........


Drew said...

"Hey Zach, do i look like a model when I'm peeing?"

Nancy Face said...

Reagan is so cute with his little Reggie the Redbird, and I love the pictures of him with the BIG Reggie! :)