Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weddings Pics


Bridal Luncheon hosted by Emily and I's Aunt Debbie

OH no, here come the waterworks!
Totally awesome tote bags filled with our wedding day jewelry from the bride!

Apparently something about Debbie crying is hysterical to me.... side note: I hate profile pictures.
The whole gang of girls
Her maids
After that Elizabeth, Grace and I headed over to our g-rents house to decorate their motor home, Emily and the rest of the bridal party traveled to and from the ceremony and reception places all the live long next day.

Nail time! I like thispicture because it looks like B is tickeling Emily's neck but really she's just holding a phone while Em gets beautified.
I did a mediocure job at the little girls' nails. Elizabeth will be the first person to 
agree with me.
Rehearsal Dinner: was at this gorgeous spot next to the river. I'm upset I don't have one with Emily in it and all of her girls.
Saturday aka the big day! We decorated the reception hall and the church before getting ready. Michael worked really hard on this table, Debbie just jumped in at the end to claim credit.The hanging of 9 paper balls which took 10 people to complete

the bride's brothers or my cousins
The ceremony!! I purposely don't have many of the bride and groom on here because after looking at our pictures I realized how supremely inadequate ours are compared to their AMAZING photographers. They were soooo talented!!

Look I have a husband! He showed up out of no where... no really, I didn't think he was going to be able to make it.

Here let me fix that for you...
Everytime I see them, these two always solidify my love for twins even more. Emily's cousins, but not mine.
Doing the best man/matron of honor thang
Drew and our childhood babysitter (cousin Tricia)
Now having a conversation that isn't about why he shouldn't hit his sister or pee his pants when being tickled Picture added to show how sweaty my child is
This is a little racy for St. Mary's don't you think?? Debbie and her nephews (Michael, Drew- my brother, William and Rhys) and son (Evan- in green)
First dance!
Grandma and her BFFs*
For the record Zach got his hair cut this week. I'm not implying anything by mentioning that right above this picture in particular. And I'm also not a giraff in real life. That I know of.
Sunday was Father's Day, my dad's birthday and my aunt Debbie's birthday so we got together again, opened presents, and ate more.
Here's my dad opening his present. He was kind of excited.

*BFFs= best friends forever


Drew said...

JEEEEEEEEEEZZZ!!! It took ya long enough! I seriously check your blog every day hoping that you update it with anything at all.. i know i'm cool.

Anonymous said...

It must be in the blood Drew, I do too! Or maybe just because we can always expect something great from the blog queen!!! Good job Ashley, even if you pimped me a lot!! Love, Aunt Debbie

Nancy Face said...

Wow, this was the best post ever! So many great pictures, and I loved your captions! :)

I don't like pictures of my profile, either...I have my grandma's super pointy nose, haha! :D

Ashley said...

SORRYYYY! We can't all be responsible and remember where we put our computer chargers sometimes.

Word to the wise- click subscribe on the left hand side of the screen and then you'll get an email notification when i've put up something new. Just b/c I'm cool like that.

Anonymous said...

Agree great post - capturing a great weekend! Love, Mom M

Anonymous said...

P.S. Uh, does Drew have dark o'man socks on with shorts in the father's day pic? Hahahahahhaha