Monday, July 20, 2009


My mom, Reagan and I left for our roadtrip Wednesday night and pulled into Pittsfield around 4 pm the next day. Zach had a home game that night but unfortunately it got rained out. I mean it really sucked to spend the whole night actually conversing with him rather than watching him from a distance.

Reagan missed him like crazy, he was beside himself that he got to spend so much time with Zach. He became very territorial over him though, frequently yelling at the occasional passer-by that it was "MY DADDY, MINE!"

Then my mom met Zach's host family and I bit Zach's boob. Friday night he had a game in Danbury, CT which isn't that terribly far from where my parents used to live in New Jersey so we made to plans to meet some old friends (Craig & Lisa) at his game. Well... that one got rained out too... and we were soooo terribly upset, all we could think to do was take Zach out to dinner with our Jersey friends and laugh until our bellies hurt. Zach's parents flew in that night too because Saturday was the All-Star game for the league and Zach made the team. No big deal.

He also made the strong arm competition at short, he's in between those two heads. No biggie.
Here he is with his parents Kristi & Chris
My mom and I (yes I'm on my toes, flats and cleats don't jive well)

I'm sorry have I not mentioned that Zach got REAGAN for his jersey???? Perfection!! So I made Reagan a semi-matching jersey.

Zach's side won the game! So that makes 1 out of the 3 games we drove 19 hours to see.

And now we're back home and it really stinks. I would like my husband back now, thank you. On the brightside there is only 2 more weeks of school left in this semester!!!


Sarah'sSmile said...

Cute pics! I'm glad you had a good trip. I know you have seen hundreds (maybe thousands?) of missing two can't be too big of a deal.

Nancy Face said...

I noticed their matching REAGAN jerseys in the first picture! Love it! :)

Rain can be a very happy thing! ;)

Anonymous said...

Loved our 2300 mile roadtrip! Including the outlet mall bargains we managed to squeeze in. And Reagan was better in the carseat than any 2 year old should ever be -- especially one as active as he is (definitely some answered prayers there!).

Can't wait for the next one to the lake -- Woohoo!!! Just a short little 1200 mile roundtripper... No problemo....Love, Mom M