Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Splash Park!

I've been looking for things to do with Reagan around here, preferably something with water. At home, there are some really neat neighborhood parks that have water features in them but I haven't been able to find any around here. My friend Beth suggested this little splash park in the next town over so we scooted on over there this past Sunday.

It had 3 different "splash pads" and then a whole sand section too. I really liked it a lot and I think it's pretty obvious that Reagan did too. 
um, no you can't climb on that

This was Reagan blatantly ignoring me for the 50th time when I yelled "no running!!"

Reagan loved guessing which bucket, the yellow or the green one in the picture above, would fall next. The picture below is of how excited he would get if he was right.


Drew said...

Reagan is probably the coolest kid ever... and since you informed me that I am able to comment on these I will probably end up commenting on every one.

Ashley said...

yesssssssss. do it. Do It. DO IT.

Anonymous said...

LOVE these pictures! Makes me want to have a splash park in our backyard. And I love how his new swimtrunks color-coordinate with the turtle in the one picture. Cool and fashion-savvy already at the age of 2 --- an awesome combination! One thing he gets from his Uncle Drew is the love for the color "neen" (green). Love, Mom M

Nancy Face said...

That park looks like a blast, and GOSH...Reagan is such a cute kid! :D