Thursday, May 14, 2009

Super fun weekend

Last weekend was loads of fun and super busy! Zach's friend Tony came over to hang out Saturday morning/afternoon, I got to go see Emily graduate from NIU Saturday night and we celebrated Mother's Day with a vengeance all day Sunday.

"The Graduate"
And her adoring fans...

The person sitting next to us that the boys "claimed" was Selena Gomez... they kept trying to get Elizabeth and Grace to ask for her autograph

The Meiner gang
Grace flashin' those gang signs Emily taught her
I had an awesome Mother's Day, we tried to keep it really low key. I slept in for ages and then was greeted with breakfast in bed and a beautiful drawing Reagan (+Zach) made for me. We grilled out with the Hamblet's that night, d-lish. I love grilling out. 
such a cool dude
It got cold so Sam let us borrow one of the bean's yet-to-be-worn hoodies. I can't believe they let Reagan christen the new sweatshirt, and while eating messy s'mores of all things. 
This was Reagan's first s'more experience
Can you believe I have now had my third Mother's Day??? Lovin' every minute of it.

Also, we tell Reagan he's our favorite about once an hour, do you think this is going to be damaging later on?

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