Monday, May 18, 2009

A hiking we will go

Ready, set, go...

Zach will always be the cool parent because he has never outgrown interest in little boy fun... here they are breaking up an ant hill with a stick to watch all of the ants pour out. 
We took a little break and busted out the lunch I packed us. Reagan had a blast running free and picking out weeds flowers for me to put into my hair. He is so thoughtful in certain moods, especially so this day. He kept testing us to see how far we'd let him run, then he'd come back and give us huge hugs and kisses. Like one of those runaways who thinks everyone will miss them but then realizes they're sad by themselves and ends up coming back. 

We tried hard to get the three of us in but it just kept look like Reagan was being a creeper on our picture.

*Special thanks to these fine folks for letting us borrow their baby backpack while they await the backpack's filling.

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The Hambos said...

Your little creeper is still pretty cute.