Sunday, February 15, 2009

Like I can even do a post without a million pictures

Against my wishes, and the rest of the MidWest, Handlebar Hank chose to not shave his lip tickler. He did however "tame it down." Instead of turning my head in repulse, I decided to embrace his porno stash and make date night Friday a 70's theme. 

Reid and Sam came over to watch Reagan for us while we went out to dinner. After dinner we realized that we aren't newlyweds anymore and really just wanted to go back and hang out with Reid and Sam. We watched a really positive and encouraging documentary called "Children of the Mountains." When I say positive I mean; depressing and by encouraging I mean; giving of a hopeless feeling.

Saturday was spent eating heart pancakes, heart PB&Js, and painting in the nude.  

Went to the basketball game Saturday night, Reagan showed everyone up and won the half-time contest. Booyah, what now. 

Then we made shrimp scampii, watched the enriching movie, "Step Brothers" and probably enjoyed it more than I should have. 

Sunday we ventured into the city with Reid, Sam, and the fetus. for the (deep voice now) CHICAGO AUTO SHOW, argh argh arrrrghhh. It was quite the adventure, it was Reagan's first time on a train, in the city, on a subway, in a taxi... a day of firsts for our not so little two year old. 
We had to get creative with the stroller many a time...
First taxi ride!! 
And notice there are no pictures of actual cars from the car show... whoopsie

And thank you Presidents for giving me this day off of school.


Lacy Riddle said...

Hey Ashley! I enjoy reading your blog... and I noticed Zach's awesome stach. I think he looks a lot like Gunther. I don't know if you know of him, but look him up. He is a singer and if you look up "Gunther and the Sunshine Girls" I'm sure you will find him. Bryan and I enjoy listening to his crazy songs sometimes. :)

The Hambos said...

I love your creative theme night! I had way too much fun at the auto show with you guys! Miss ya!

Sam said...

I just noticed that your profile pic looks like you have a cool orange tat across your neck. It'd be so cool if you got Jan 11, 2009 tatted on your neck, I think you should, you would fit right in in downtown Elgin :)