Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eskimo Kisses

I love how he applauds himself for a job well done =)

Oh yeah, I guess I should explain Zach's condition. He is currently sick and was asleep on the couch. I'm getting into a habit of putting images of him in incoherent states on the blog. Sorry if you can see a bit of his chesticles in the video too. 

Edited to add: Also, sorry my voice is that of a 12 year old girl. 


Anonymous said...

Uh...I thought it was Reagan yelling "go" at the beginning -- seriously! Glad you cleared that up for us :). Love the nose kisses. You used to love to give your dad those when you were little! xoxo, Mom M.

Sam said...

Is Reagan turning into an Eskimo because it's so DARN COLD?!!?! We need to warm that little midget up, let's go to Hawaii!

Brandie said...

I love this video...I have watched it about 100 times. I miss you guys.