Saturday, November 1, 2008


This year I made Reagan's Halloween costume and I really liked it! I'm not saying I was necessarily good at it, at some points he looks like a horse, but it was the thought that counts! I vowed to Zach to always try to make them until Reagan doesn't want me to. Of course, we had Reagan be a DOG because he loves them and it's really the only animal sound he can make on command right now :) 

Casey helped me start on the front of his top... 

He doesn't usually go to his day care on Fridays but since it was Halloween they were having their celebration/parade that day. I knew we wouldn't probably take him trick-or-treating that night so I wanted to take him to his school party that day. At first he was a little weirded-out by the face that all of his friends looked a little different.

Here are all of his friends before the parade. That big "DOTS" box was one of his classmate's mom's costume!! I thought it was so funny/cute that the mom brought her own costume, she didn't end up wearing it because it was too big to fit through the doors./crowd...
His "buggy"
SO excited.
His head teacher, Ms Natalie
YES! Best picture of the day!

Halloween treats!
Just licking all of the frosting off the top :)
The end!


emry said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! i love it....haha...he looks soo good! and what makes it better than all the other ones, is that you made it! Good Job! a cog is a wheel, like from a clock/watch, no animal...haha kinda weird!

we need to meet up soon. Maybe i'll make it out sometime this week. i'll give ya a call!

love ya

Nancy Face said...

HE LOOKS SO CUTE! You did a great job on his costume, and the pictures are wonderful! :)

Ashley said...

Thank you Nancy!!