Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As of late

I vowed to Zach last week that I was going to make an attempt at homemade bread. I DID IT. I was so proud of myself! I kneaded it, let it rise, punched it down, let it rise, divided it, let it rise and baked. Then Zach, cut it, slathered it with butter and gobbled it all down.
This was my masterpiece (times 2, I made two loafs)

I even had to take off my rings (something I NEVER, EVER, EVER do) and placed them on the windowsill above the sink like a real. women.
To round up my housewife duties, I made homemade sugar cookies with home made frosting this weekend AND then tonight I made double chocolate brownies from scratch as well. What has gotten into me?? Oh yeah, I have a husband with a penchant for baked goods :)

Friday night we went over to one of the coaches' house, Reid and Sam, and played Settlers of Catan for the first time. So fun! I feel like it is amish monopoly. And Zach was the surprise winner of the night (emphasize on surprise with a pinch of conspiracy.)

Switching subjects, I have also been dissecting this: 
It's a fetal pig. I told Zach I was lucky because mine was a girl, so I didn't have to deal with balls and mine hadn't pooped all over itself before it was born (like others in my class). Don't worry, I researched it ahead of time. We use fetal pigs that are found in the stomachs of mama pigs that have been slaughtered without knowing they were pregnant. Not that, that really makes this any more enjoyable.  

We tried to find a church this Sunday but after driving for 90 minutes trying to find it, we officially missed the whole service and ended up by Midway airport. 

Then we tried to ship Reagan off but he got mad at us... 
...he did not think it was as funny as we did.

And it is now November! I love this month! Unfortunately school is kicking our butt hardcore this month, test after quiz after test after scrotum dissection. It is the month of birthdays for our friends (not to mention ours) and it also contains Thanksgiving which leads to Thanksgiving break, something I am really looking forward to. 

And that ends this random Tuesday post!

Wait, no it's not. I just figured this out tonight. I say "oh geez" (the geez part in a lower tone of voice) to Zach a lot. Reagan says "Ooo Geee" a lot. I put two and two together and realized he is repeating what I say! I love it. I love him. Also, we were wondering when Reagan is going to make us stop kissing him 1,099,834 times a day?


Anonymous said...

Granny would be so proud! Not to mention Miss Mitzie and Leanne. Uh, of the baking, not the pig :)

xoxo, Mom M

Ashley said...

Granny's birthday is this month too!

Anonymous said...

Looked like you were doing a great job dissecting the pig!!! From an old expert on that sort of thing!
Love you, G&G M

Ashley said...

Why thank you Grandpa! That is a big compliment coming from the ol' pro :)

See you guys on Monday!