Sunday, October 12, 2008

St. Charles Scarecrow Festival

Fall baseball ended Friday night and Zach spent most of Saturday studying so we decided to get out and do something fun Saturday night, plus it was such a beautiful evening. But, keep in mind we are cheap, so we decided to go to the St. Charles Scarecrow Festival! ...because that was what came up when I googled "free things to do in Kane County."
The festival was half- craft festival,  half- fair and the river went right through the middle. We had such a good time just walking around, enjoying the live music and smelling all the yummy food.
There was  a great area for kids too. We had Reagan's face painted, the lady was so nice she even did it for free (I think because she realized after we asked her where an ATM was, that we were the only parents who didn't bring cash to an event with the word "festival" in the title.) She painted a paw print in Cubs colors of course. It was a miracle. He sat perfectly still the whole time, Zach and I about peed our pants we were so shocked! 

Merry-Go-Round time! Zach said he specifically picked out the horse with the "stallion-like hair". Reagan had SUCH a good time on it, as long as he was holding onto Zach (see right-hand pic above)!

He had been pointing at the train the whole night and going "woo-woo" (accompanied by an arm pump). Trains are his new "thing" right now :) He did okay actually on it, but there was a ride right next to us that was huge and making a lot of noise, it scared almost all the kids on the train every time we passed it. 

Then we got tired and decided to head out. Night = Successful!

Mid-terms are this week, boo. We've been studying most of the day for our respective tests. Reagan and I took a small study break to take a bike ride with Casey, then we imposed ourselves sneakily and had dinner with them too, muwahaha. Seriously, the weather this weekend could not have been ANY better. Loved it!


emry said... fun!! :)

Jenna said...

I can't believe how big he is getting! And you are getting awesome at the digi-scrapping!

You have an award ;)