Thursday, October 9, 2008

Book Worm

The head coach and assistant coach for baseball both moved to the area just a few months before we did. Since Zach and I aren't really in the same situation as most (okay, all) of the players on the team, we seem to have actually bonded more with the coaches and their wives since they don't know anyone either. The head coach, Coach Benjamin, and his wife live right down the street from us so we get together about twice a week for dinner and to just talk/hangout with someone else besides our spouses. Casey (the wifey) is a 1st grade teacher at the school in town, and from what I can tell she must be an amazing person to have as your teacher. She is always working hard at conjuring up new ideas for her students and brainstorming fun ways for them to learn. She cares a lot about them (can you tell I like her?) Anyway, she also gives ME great ideas for things to do with Reagan, even better... most of them are free or cheap! 

Probably my most favorite-ist thing so far has been her suggestion of the Gaile Borden Public Library, literally 3 minutes down the road. The kids section is FANtastic. There is not only books galore but so many learning "stations" all over the place. Best part is: he doesn't have to be quiet! And we can keep doing this in the winter, that is fast approaching.

Here is the children's area, on the left is now a whole kitchen/post office/dress up wooden area. All around the other side are tables and magnetic boards, puzzles, and toddler-like computers.
There is also TONS of different programs that are always going on, specifically for different ages. Thursday mornings we're going to start going to a story-time group together.

Did I mention that the library in general is GORGEOUS. It is brand spankin' new and HUGE. It also overlooks the river, and by overlooks I mean it's right on top of the river, practically sitting on it. So much, it looks like it would flood in 2 seconds if the river got too high. So I'm guessing you get the point that it is close to the river. You can tell by the night picture where the reflection on the water is.

Yay for discovering Elgin and for Casey!

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emry said...

hahah...i'm a copy cat again!!! I found a different site that has ALOT of cute i'll probably be changing it often...but i figured Fall would be appropriate for a little while....yours is cute as well....I almost used it, but i thought that would be a little TOO copy catish...ahahah....oh and the library looks crazy!