Monday, October 6, 2008

Picture Post

I'm going to play picture catch up this post :)

Sunday we got to go home and visit with my parents for the day, it was so great to see them!  
New shoes...
New word!!!! "DRUUUU" Reagan finally got to see Uncle Drew this weekend too, it had been a LONG time. To make things better, he figured out how to say his name the same night.

Fudgesicles only at Grandma's

Now these are a hodgepodge of pics from the last few weeks....

Naked baby!!! (I have sooo many blackmail photos for him)
I told them that they needed to calm down, they were playing too hard and that was the response I got.
I decided to follow Reagan around this one morning to show how he "talks" on the phone. He walks around with his hand cupping his face forever going "yeah, yaaah, yeah" and "oooh"

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Anonymous said...

Sure was great seeing you all yesterday. And on the pictures of him talking on guess he's imitating Daddy talking on cellphone and "pacing" around the apt. Haha! Luv, MOM M