Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's up?

Here's what is up with us this week...

Today (Tuesday, July 22nd) I got my braces off!!!! Finally. Back in the day, everyone got their braces on during the time they were going through their awkward stages. Say junior high-ish age. Sort of like, killing two birds with one stone. In my case as everyone was getting their braces off, blooming and emerging as beautiful butterflies my parents made the strategic move to have mine put ON. So entering my senior year in high school, I made the visit to Dr. Peterson. Scott Peterson that is, my orthodontist... not the murderer. Looking back I remember that I made Zach go with me and made myself fake cry so he would feel bad for me. But it didn't work, and he ended up telling me to stop being so superficial.. as if! Now, I've already had them taken off once, and that was for the wedding. That slowed me down a bit but I've finally been able to have those suckers taken off.

(on my way to work this morning, sans make-up, let's say I was at stop light.)

AFTER!!!!!!!!!! (with one of my favorite office girls)

Man they have been put through a lot with me, always griping and complaining about when I could be done already. I also remember when most of us were pregnant at the same time, and them trying to lean over their bellies to get to my teeth. They were so understanding and sweet, and since our babies were all around the same age we would always swap stories/tips. They all stood around waiting for me to get them off today and when I emerged, they clapped and cheered!

Probably the part that I am most excited about is the fact that I won't be mistaken for Reagan's babysitter. I know people might still question it but, hopefully not as much.

In other news... we got Reagan a toddler bed!!! We haven't set it up yet and won't until we move probably but we found one on sale so we had to get it. Here he is trying to fend it off of himself. Poor guy, we drove half way home with it smooshing him, but then he figured out that he could use his legs to free himself (see picture).

This week is also poms camp... woo hoo. Here are our lovely ladies...
They performed their Home Routine last night. It's the one we teach them before camp and they then they get judged on it. Let me just say a few things. 1) The majority of the girls are new to the squad. 2) We are the only Jr. High squad at camp this year, everyone else is in high school. 3) We had to go first in the competition. 4) Their music just stopped randomly half way through the dance so they had to start all over. BUT despite it all, they did AWESOME!!!!! They were honestly better than a lot of the high school teams. It's probably because they have such awesome coaches.

This is a slutty team they competed against.

Here is the whole camp. We are the tiny ones in black pants to the left-ish.

This is also my last week of school!! BOO-YA Heartland Community College. This week my teacher asked us to write down our top ten pleasures. After a while he started calling on people to write their #1's on the board. Some put spending time with friends, one put a healthy son, another said laughing. Mine was chocolate. Is that bad? In my defense kisses from Reagan was my number 2 and a date night with Zach was my number 3. However it couldn't have been worse than the 15 year old girl 4 seats down from me who put relaxing with a beer. Then I heard her say under her breath "yeah, I'm kinda an alcoholic". Is she proud of that? My biggest pet peeve is when people talk about being drunk like it's cool*. Yeah, "I like to be unconscious of the decisions I am making," ... real cool. Or on Facebook** when they put pictures of themselves up and then put on the comments like "soooo drunk tehehe" or "can't even remember this". Like we can't already tell you are wasted... you are sweaty, red-faced, have developed a lazy eye and are groping a dirty stranger. Ah-hem, now I'm stepping down off my soap box.

*Probably not my very biggest pet peeve. I also don't like it when people (aka men) start undoing their belt buckle on their way to the bathroom door at work.
**Grandma and Grandpas that is a website all of our friends have, where we can talk to each other and stuff. Like for instance, I am "friends" with Emily, Drew & Michael on there. Emily- I think Rhys should get it.

Random thought- is it called an 8-Track or an A-Track? And don't you think the spellings for "load" and "loud" should be switched, because of the way you pronounce them?

Also this is the last regular season week for Zach's baseball!!!!!! His final tournament starts Friday. Fingers crossed they lose! (I so did not just type that)


em&ry said...

can't wait to see those pearly whites in person!! oh and the floater story was hilarious!!!!!! I didn't know that happened and I was laughing so hard after reading about it! :)

Sarah'sSmile said...

This almost seems like a stream of consciousness. I have my students write one and they crack me up! ;)

You look fab without the braces!

When is moving day?