Friday, June 9, 2017

Zach's phone part 1

The thought of all of the posts I have to do to catch up is overwhelming. I don't even know how to dive into all of the pictures. But then I remembered that the photo ratio between what I take verses Zach is like 75:1. Plus, his photos are all really random. They're usually taken when I'm not around so it's fun for me to go through, laugh at and usually scratch my head at. Also, full disclosure about 50% of his photos are also just pictures of things he needs to remember (phone numbers, building measurements, lists, etc) and I've spared you of those.

He said he went out to the garage a few times but couldn't find Levi, then spotted him with a popsicle behind his back.

 Sometimes it's fascinating watching Levi's brain work. Most of the time it's frustrating.

He was documenting the difference in their personalities. Basically that Shep uses every bright color and that Levi only paints in black.

 Zach had the HONOR to baptize our friend Scott, who then in turn baptized his wife Becky. I can't even begin to tell you how privileged we felt to be included in this step. Scott and Becky are some of our favorite people, we admire them so much and are amazed at how God has worked in all of our lives in the three years they have been in our small group.

We could hear her but couldn't find her and then Zach realized our dog had dug under the fence into the neighbors yard and couldn't get back. 


First gray hair.

 I have no idea why he took a picture with that.

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