Thursday, January 26, 2017

#FL2017 - D I S N E Y

Two really, really awesome days at Disney. We made sure to rep the Cubs our first day and it was mind-blowing how many other families did the same. I would see Zach high five at least one person in line on almost every ride we went on. The weather was great, the company was great and the kids honestly did great. Sofie of course is indispensable. Everyone needs a Sofie in their life. We also have a strategy nailed down where we head over there as soon as it opens and stay until about 1pm. Then we go home, eat, take naps and head back when everyone else in the park is leaving and melting down. We then stay until it shuts down, the lines are so much better (equalling happier kids) and there is such a fun energy and exciting energy too.

If there was any question whether to get this stroller, it was put to rest on this trip. It is the 7th member of our family. It's been going strong for 4 years now and I've converted many to it. Throwing on the skateboard for a third kid to stand on was the icing on top. Okay, now i'll stop evangelizing for it.

I really did not get that many good pics here, mostly poorly lit selfies but you can tell we are excited and having fun!

There were so many rides were we could ALL go on, baby included. I had forgotten that and was so grateful. I straight up nursed her on the Jungle Safari.

It was the end of Disney day 1 at midnight. We were walking all 4 kids for miles through the empty parking lot and feeling SO MUCH ACCOMPLISHMENT. Like we had totally won the day. It was good.

We did Animal Kingdom the morning of Day 2 and it was way more awesome than we expected. There was a lot for the little boys to do besides ride rides (which they loved alllll the rides but it was still nice for them to play in a caged playground where we could sit and shove food in our faces while watching them play without risk of being lost/snatched/etc.)

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