Saturday, October 15, 2016

Levi turns T H R E E

Levi Tripp is T H R E E!!!

Can wink with both eyes and usually pairs it with a thumbs up.

We closed on both our new house and old house the day of his actual birthday, so like the third child he is... we floated it a couple days and had the grandparents over to celebrate then (without house and yard very much still in disarray.) We kept it simple and did pizza and cake/ice cream. 

 When it's a birthday for one, it's a birthday for all.

We combined some grandparent birthday money and added some of ours for his "big" present, which was a new gator + trailer. Please note Reagan second-dading it next to Zach for most of the pics. It's pretty much his self-appointed role (which for the most part, I'm very thankful for when first-dad is at work a couple days in a row.)

 He was driving, driving, driving then stopped and shot Zach a thumbs up. Success.

 Here is how I would describe Levi. He is a man, trapped in a 3 year old's body, and he doesn't give a ship if you want to treat him like he's three because he's just going to do what he wants anyway. His (intense) interests include tools, sports, beer and doing everything without help. He takes his clothes off anywhere and everywhere, usually to go to pee. Again, anywhere and everywhere. He is not overtly affectionate, you would not immediately pin him for a lover (like you would say... SHEP) but he does in fact like to be cuddled and loves his back drawn on. He has his truly frustrating moments. I'm sure I've written it here before but he frequently (like on the daily) escapes our house through dead bolted doors, scales our fence, locks me out, refuses to hold my hand in public (insisting on holding his OWN hand,) ignores most directions and dominates Shep in most fights.

BUT. He notices when people are struggling with something before even I do and tries his best to help them. He climbs into Reagan's bed almost every morning, without waking him, just to snuggle him. He can get himself fully dressed (coat zipper, shoes, and all) and fix himself a drink and snack (things that are in cabinets and shelves) totally independently. He knows his letters, numbers, shapes and colors... somehow. He wants so bad to go to school, to play sports and to touch every bug he sees.

He is so so so very naughty and ornery and mischievous. But it is all fueled by this boyish curiosity and engineering mind, so much so that it's hard to stay mad for too long. Can't wait to see what he is like as a BIG brother!

Height- 37 1/4"
Weight- 31 3/4 lbs

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Anonymous said...

Love this post! He is definitely a blessing! 💗 A. Debbie