Sunday, July 31, 2016

June Round-up

 We took Reagan to my 20 week ultrasound appointment and it was seriously the longest wait ever. To entertain ourselves we took pictures and played that one game where you slap the other persons hands as fast as you can while they try to pull them away. This was at 8:30am too by the way.

 Zach assured me he had packed our lunches for the pool. Lunch that day was sour gummy worms and jalapeño cheetos.

Reagan had overnight camp out at Eastbay. Him and his buddies have been looking forward to it pretty much since last year's camp ended. It is run by the best staff and volunteers ever. There is nothing like seeing your kids be loved by people who don't necessarily have to love them. Another mom and I volunteered to serve dinner out there one of the nights and we were blown away by everything that goes into putting this thing on. 170 or so 4th and 5th graders for three days and two nights.

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