Thursday, June 2, 2016

May round-up

 When you take Reagan out to breakfast and he orders spaghetti and meatballs.

 Shep, totally asleep.

Reagan, totally asleep.

Amanda's bachelorette party!!

 Best Italian dinner of my life + Second City that night, Willis Tower the next morning. Was really excited to do the skydeck, waited and waited and waited to stand out there. Then when it was our turn I started to pass out. Wah wah. So unexpected, I do not have a fear of heights. Tried it again... started to pass out again. Blaming pregnancy.

Again, asleep.

Levi opening sparklers with scissors. Basically him in one picture.

No idea where Reagan gets his breath-you-in cuddle attitude from. Except I know exactly where he gets it.

 I forgot to take a "last day of school" pic. We were out running errands at like 8pm and when we got home I just told him to throw his back pack on and stand on the front porch and left the little boys in the car. Done.

Sometimes it takes all my mental energy to convince myself to not leave them buckled in, haha.

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