Friday, April 8, 2016

January/February round-up

Zach's on a 48 hour shift, I've got piles of laundry to do, a trail of ants in our kitchen and I'm eating chips and a McDonald's dr. pepper for lunch. Now seems as good a time as any to update the blog!

A surprise 80th birthday party at CJ's for Grandpa Meiner

Planes waiting for the show to begin. 

All shoes are superhero spaceships.

 Accidentally dressing them alike means mandatory mini photo shoot.

 Where's your head?

Where's your ear?

Where are your eyes?

Shep loves open gym and salads.

"Take a picture of my mustache"

Zach's best friend Tony and his wife Steph had their first baby! We went down to Quincy to meet baby Ellyson.

We finally painted our bedroom. While I finished up the trim Zach and Reagan dove into the Indiana Jones series.

Levi is consistently our earliest riser. Which means he just gets to do whatever on my phone while I get ready.

Leap day - the weather was insane this day so we took full advantage and went out to Grandpa Dave's farm.

We grilled some hot dogs in the back of the truck and had ourselves a nice little lunch.

Zach's uncle Russell sneakily hid some antlers for the boys. They were so excited to find them. I was just as excited because they look super cute on my bookshelves.

Hibachi night - soon to be an annual event. If you haven't already noticed Zach is sporting your traditional bathrobe kimono and t-shirt headdress. We executed all of our favorite japanese steakhouse recipes and of course Zach had to up the entertainment factor by putting on a show. He even put water in a squirt bottle and made the kids yell saki for him to squirt it in their mouth. Authentic cultural experiences are very important to the williams family.

At 7:00 am one morning Levi mopped the floor and his mouth with hershey's syrup.

 The opposite of a never-nude.

Aaaaaand to close off February we have one of my favorite days of the year. Whitney and I's formal oscar party (exclusive guest list = #2)...

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