Monday, September 21, 2015

May // June

We had a really really really good summer. Summer is my FAVORITE. I'll whisper this in hushed tones so I don't get e-stoned, but I don't even like fall really. And then of course after that comes....winter :( :( :( :( I am ALL ABOUT the bronze skin, barefoot feet, pajama-to-swimsuit-to-pajama daily wardrobe. Luckily the weather has stayed pretty nice this september so I haven't full on mourned the death of summer but I know it's just around the corner.

Reagan's last day of 2nd grade...

Car wash to Levi = super sketch
 Car wash to Shep = best day ever

 Shep wore these old shin guards for a solid 2 hours one morning

 Half of the backyard/disaster zone 24seven.

Shep is at that age where he can skip a nap... but it makes for a rough late afternoon/evening. 

 Baby Valentino! // Fitting 4 people and a double stroller in a public restroom like a pro. I'm still super weird about letting Reagan go to the men's room alone. When do I cut the cord? 17? Okay good that's what I thought.

We took the boys to the Corn Belt Annual Meeting (yes, I know... why??? it had lots of free food and kids games and the dad of family friends works there so they recruited us hard to go. Balloon swords + face painting wins our kids over any day.)