Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sylvan Lake - W A T E R F U N

I'm trying to divide these up but it's getting hard. This post is looooong.

Uncle Bob (my dad's brother) was always really nice about sharing the wheel with my (very eager) boys. 

Front to back: Shep, Levi, Nora, Bob

 LEVI'S FACE. LEVI'S FACE! What is even happening?!

Shep is at the age where every opportunity is an opportunity to pee on something. 

 We borrowed other Meiner cousins Jen and Jess' awesome paddle boards.
Elizabeth and Nora

Evan and Levi

Elizabeth, Grace and I

Reagan did so so so awesome. 
And Ryan was so patient and took him on many (long) trips.

Being a fun mom, doing stuff with them. And them having the time of their life. Shout out to the middle child stuck in the back and not pocketing it to talk to his therapist about in 20 years.

A very blurry Reagan, Elizabeth, Shep and Grace

Shep watching Elizabeth, Reagan and Grace

Emily and I

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