Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Days of School

3rd Grade - Mrs. Bedell - 8 years old

 Preschool - Mrs. Dittmar and Mrs. Carby - 3 years old

He woke up a preschooler!

It kind of went downhill from here. Parents stay the first day and he pretty much hugged my leg the whole time. Stay tuned for how day 2 goes on Thursday. He goes two mornings a week, same place Reagan went (even with one of the same teachers!)


Steve Meiner said...

Great great pics! Shep will be all ready to go and have fun tomorrow! Pre-school is a ton of fun Shep! Love, Papa Steve

Anonymous said...

Saying a quick prayer that tomorrow is better!! But the pictures are adorable!! Love A. Debbie

bnlacombe said...

I love how their book bags make them looks so teeny!