Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day in the Life

School is about to start so I thought I would throw together a quick "day-in-the-life: summer edition" post. I always like to look back on these. I wrote this the week before last, we were on vacation last week. 

4:45 am Zach leaves for work. (This is an assumption because I never heard/saw him get ready or leave, he is super duper quiet and pretty much preps everything the night before so he just brushes his teeth and walks out the door.)

6 am I wake up for my quiet/bible/stretch time. I have learned I have to immediately get out of bed to read otherwise I fall back to sleep. Stretching + reading at the same time has been a game changer for me.

6:30 am Shep joins me. I mostly shush him for 30 minutes and say don't wake up Levi so I really don't get anything else done.

7:00 am I make the bed and get ready (brush my teeth and change out of the tshirt I slept in and into the tshirt I will wear during the day. Fancy.)

7:30 am Levi is up. We start to eat breakfast. I make myself eggs and then decide to make extra and use the leftover diced ham and leftover tortillas and freeze a few breakfast burritos for Zach because we are going to be gone on vacation next week and he doesn't eat unless I prep food for him.

8:04 Shep begs me continuously to put the head back on Iron Man Patriot.

8:20-8:30 am change Levi's clothes and get into the car to pick up Reagan from a sleepover at a friends house. He went to VBS with them the night before.

9 am meet friends at the library. We check out a zillion books and audio books for the upcoming drive to the lake. Levi mostly sprints for any open exit. 

10:30 am caravan with said friends to a nearby park.

11:15 arrive back home and make the kids' lunch. 

12 pm Shep and Levi lay down for their naps.

12:45pm Reagan does penmanship workbook pages and I start making sugar cookies for us to take to the lake and for Zach to eat his feelings away for not being able to go to the lake.

1:45 pm send Reagan away to play on a screen and I watch a show while eating my lunch. Have an interesting text exchange with my grandma meiner and post it on instagram. 

2:45 let neighbors dog out

3pm everyone is awake!

3:30 pm Levi slathers himself in peanut butter. We take an impromptu afternoon bath.

4:15 pm go pick up 25 shirts for said vacation.

5 pm meet my mom + friends in uptown for pizza and ice cream. It's open mic night so we listen to an eclectic array of music as well. Levi keeps himself busy in the complimentary dog bowls. Reagan offers to take a picture of my mom and when I look at it later it's just a zoomed in picture of a transformer.

7:30p bring the little kids back and put them to bed.

7:45p take a shower (I blow dry my hair maaaaaybe once a year so night showers are where it's at)

8:oop mom drops Reagan off because he stayed a little bit later with her. Read him a history fiction book he's into (Rush Revere First Patriots) and put him to bed.

9:00p finish frosting cookies and watch So You Think You Can Dance. Clean up kitchen.

9:59p walk past the playroom and say I'll clean it up tomorrow.

10:00p sneak into each of the kids' bedrooms to make sure their still breathing. Flip on all their lights and take a picture with each of them because it's a running joke that they can sleep through anything. Send it to Zach.

10:15p get ready for bed then spend too much time on my phone before falling asleep.

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